Elements of Magic

with Dawn and River

Water, Earth, Air and Fire - the Sacred Elements of Life and Magic - are our blood, bone, breath and spark of life from our first breath to our last.  Spirit, the fifth Sacred Element - that from whence we came and into that we shall return - is connection and the space that separates, within and without, center and circumference, that ever dynamic mystic presence in our lives.

Like the Goddess Maha Kali, elemental forces are raw, untamed, nurturing, refreshing, inspiring and regenerative. Spirit is that sensation of connection and even now it calls us. It reminds us to be present with life in all its paradoxical messiness, to be present with the Elements, to be present with the magic of the Earth, to be present with ourselves.

Elements of Magic is where our magical journey with the Reclaiming Tradition begins and where it deepens each time we return. It is the beloved and respected grandmother and prerequisite of all our core classes and most every witchcamp path offering. This path gives us the opportunity to unearth that which has meaning for us, to hone our skills and to establish, or renew and refresh, our relationship to witchcraft and sacred practice.

If you are new to the Reclaiming Tradition, welcome home!  If you have been traveling long and are weary, welcome home!  Join us as we immerse ourselves in the roots of Reclaiming, to experience a supportive and transformative community that will assist you to further develop your relationship to the natural world, community magic and to become your own witch.  If you have never taken Reclaiming Tradition’s Elements of Magic, this will be your Path.  Welcome home!

Please bring a journal and pen, a water bottle, a raincoat, a sun hat, something to sit on and whatever you need to be comfortable.


Spirit and Mystery: seeking the divine as practice 

with Urania, Suzanne Rae and Tracey.
Dance, chant, make and be still
Between the spaces
The mystery begins
We Witches are an independently thinking bunch. We may or may not worship Godds, the old or the new. The trees and hills and waters may speak more clearly. Or they might be the same voice heard through different ears, with different perceptions. We may pray, or twirl or draw. Our rites may be elaborate or small: an idol, a pebble or a sigh.
No One Way
All Ways Are The Way
Listen for the call
To be wild
To surrender
In this path we will explore the ways to deepen relationships with what is divine, within and without ourselves; how we connect with that divinity, that mystical source that has many names and no name. Using magical and artistic practices, trance, altar building, divination, chant, dance and silence we will seek to develop intimacy with the Mystery that some call the Godds.
What’s your calling? Who calls you? Are you called?
Bring pen, journal, favourite drawing material and divination tools, something to sit on, and something for an altar. 
Reclaiming Elements of Magic is a prequisite for this path.


Our Demons, Our Shadows, Our Lovers, Our Hearts:
The Dance of Kali Maa

with Kate Ash and Fio Aengus Santika 

In the practice of magic and witchcraft we go deep. And when we go deep, when we descend into the Underworld, when we die to our old selves and transform - there we meet our shadows. There, we encounter our demons.

In this path we respectfully honour the potent and venerable traditions and practices of demon-work that stretch through time before us, and with prayer and will and ignited awareness we will conjure, heal, stalk, and slay our demons: the demons that are personal to us and the demons of our over-culture, its shadows and sickness. We bring ourselves to the altar of discipline, of personal practice, of who we are, and commit to the work of self-knowledge and self-love within the mess of being human.

Who is the Guardian at the Gates? What is a demon, really? How does shadow-stalking change our lives? When we die, are we really reborn? We will align our souls, work for clarity and balance with the elements, run the Iron Pentacle, and sing to the stars and our own hearts of flame to find out. 

We will bow before Kali Maa, lay beneath Her blue-lotus feet. We will witness Her incandescent fury and scarlet desire, pray, and get out of our own way as Her brilliant blood-soaked tongue lolls before us, consuming the worlds. There, we will dance flesh and bone back together: "If there's no dancing at the revolution, then I'm not coming..."*

Elements of Magic is a prerequisite, and it will be of great service to you if you have taken Iron Pentacle (but this is not a hard requirement). 

*attributed to Russian feminist and anarchist Emma Goldman.


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