The Pearl Pentacle: Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty, and Wisdom 

with Dawn Isidora and SusanneRae 


“...Seeing our full selves, we meet naked-hearted and cultivate the power of the community.” 


It has been said that while Iron Pentacle is the work of a lifetime, Pearl Pentacle is the work of many lifetimes. The energies of the Pearl Pentacle are energies of emanation & reception. The molten energies of Iron are our core; we run Iron until impurities burn away and we run Life Force energy, unencumbered, through our being. In doing this, corrosion is cleared from our receptors and transmitters; we can then emanate and receive the energies of Pearl Pentacle: Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty and Wisdom. 


Working the Pearl Pentacle demands that we run our own Iron energies without impinging upon others’ Life Force. How do we stay centered and true in ourselves and yet interact with community in right relationship and with grace?


In this path, we will explore how we can begin to move from our birthright energies of Iron Pentacle towards the shining communal energies of Pearl Pentacle. By anchoring our work in the foundational strength of the Elements, held by the compassion of Isis, and guided by the vision of Horus, we dare to meet naked-hearted and cultivate community. 


The Reclaiming Tradition Iron Pentacle core class is a firm requirement for Pearl Pentacle. In preparation for our work with the Pearl Pentacle, please run Iron Pentacle daily.



Entering the Eye of Mystery: Accessing Threads of Power through Ritual Artistry 

with Willow Firefly & Lisa Lind


Ever wondered why some circle castings are exceptionally strong, or why particular invocations effectively coax the Gods in? And what delicate priestessing made that favourite ritual particularly spectacular? In this path we will explore some of the powerful yet subtle, and often unknown techniques for priestessing the magic of group rituals. By honing our magical skills, we are more fully able to enter the Eye of Mystery to create fulfilling rituals. We access the threads of power, the secret knowledge of the witch, to bring the magic alive. In Reclaiming, we refer to our style of ritual as EIEIO - ecstatic, improvisational, ensemble, inspired and organic, and in this path we will work with the community-building, trust-creating practice of improvisation tempered with our Witches’ Eye to make all aspects of ritual come together to deeply engage the intention. 


Exploring the ways we create and maintain containers for our magic, we will work with sound, movement, stances, voice, rhythm, intuition and collaboration. We will experiment with fine-tuning our energy sensing, directing, and raising skills through all components of ritual from the welcome to the grounding, invocations and body of magic. When we allow divine inspiration to be present within us and move through us in the moment, something ineffable begins to grow within the group and in the space - we truly move between the worlds. We will open ourselves to be in service to Isis, Horus and those Mysterious Ones who beckon us to this work, building relationships with them to deepen the magic of camp. We embrace our humanity, vulnerability and imperfections in this naked-hearted work of changing our consciousness together and experiencing the deep power of community. 

This path is for those who regularly take roles in and priestess rituals, as well as those who are interested in starting this type of service. Indeed, every ritual participant energetically contributes to the experience and outcome. The Reclaiming Elements of Magic core class is a prerequisite so that the whole group has a foundation in Reclaiming approaches to ritual and patchwork.



Elements of Magic

An Introduction to Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft. 

with Urania & Jack Magick


Witch. Magician. Priestess. Every road, every path is different. The Elements infuse them all. Air Fire Water Earth Spirit. Ecstatic and alive, they shape our lives, the lives of the ancients and the Universe itself. With Horus as our guide and Isis as our Queen, we will step through the Eye of Mystery, and open to their discovery. 


Connecting to the divine we call forth the stories of Ancient Egypt. With our Witches' Eye we see the magic of the Nile and its Mysteries shimmer into form at our periphery and in our hearts.  This wind, this fire, this water and earth and spirit rise and circle in us as they have done throughout time showing us the unbroken connection between all things. Journeying with the elements we strip back the layers and find authenticity and strength in our vulnerabilities.


Elements of Magic is the beginning place for Reclaiming Witches. In this class we will hear a little history and do a lot of practice. Everything is experiential. We come together to study and explore our own Magic. We begin the journey of joining hands with Mystery. Through deep listening, trance, song, art, and play we explore the concept of immanent divinity and our place in the spiral of life.



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