Dawn Isidora

I was lucky enough to find Reclaiming in the early 80s while still living in my hometown of San Francisco and began teaching in the mid 90s, after moving to Portland, Oregon.

I have an abiding love for the Reclaiming core classes: diving again and again into the mysteries of the five sacred Elements, the ever unfolding layers of the Pentacles, both Iron and Pearl, the exploration of trance, dream and myth. As well as teaching magic, I work with individuals as a Spiritual Mentor to support individuals along their spiritual journey. In my free time, I love to walk amongst the tall trees near my home, cook soups and work in my garden. I am an introverted homebody, who loves to travel the world. A long-time devotee of Isis, I have worked with Her brother/son Horus for many, many years. I look forward to working the magic of Horus the Twice Born (once as sibling to my adored Isis - birthed of the wondrous Nuit - and then again re-born as son of Isis and her beloved Osiris) with you all. I am so happy and honored to be returning to EarthSong. The beauty and roots of this community and this land have grown deep into my soul!

Willow Firefly

Willow Firefly - I am a musical faery-loving priestess of transformation and have been teaching internationally in the Reclaiming tradition of witchcraft and Middle Eastern drumming for more than 20 years. I have chosen to see transformation as an art form I can dance to, and have embraced it as a way of life as a full-time priestess, facilitator, counselor, consultant, and activist. I love using the vehicles of music, trance, dance, singing, art, sacred theatre, and other forms of creativity to dive into deeper explorations of our magic and
power. In these challenging times we are collectively in a pivotal global Rite of Passage. Our shadow-stalking skills, our holy risks, our gifts and our magic are needed now more than ever before. I look forward to joining you in this powerful magic as we go deeper into the Eye of Mystery together, naked-hearted.


I make my home north of San Francisco amongst the rolling hills of Marin County. My herstory with Reclaiming goes back to 1991 when I took my first Elements class. I was invited to student teach in the community with Macha M. NightMare and Suzanne Sterling in 1993. Since then I’ve done most everything from schlepping to bookkeeping to ritual planning, teaching, founding cells, and general rabble rousing. I am regularly awed and grateful to have received so many opportunities from this community. My life is richer for having walked this path.

Lisa Lind

I have been practicing Reclaiming-style magic for 20 years and believe that Truth has many faces. I grew up in small-town Canada with the moose and bears on unrelinquished Algonquin land before moving to Wurundjeri country.

Here I have been active in the Reclaiming community as a bower priestess, student teacher, and witchcamp organizer, and have contributed to the international Axis Mundi Reclaiming Loom project.

Born to a self-described hippie mother on Odensgatan (Odin's Street) in Uppsala, Sweden, I spent my childhood with the Trolls and Gnomes my mother brought with her. Oden, Hel, Tor, and Freja were integrated into my bones early on, but I also have deep connection with wild Gods from a variety of places. I work with my Dead in almost all the magic I do. I'm a dancer, a fighter, and a lover. I have devoted my life to understanding how the smallest parts of our bodies function to help improve our quality of life. I am experimental in my magic, and find my spirituality and scientific mind inseparable. My activism takes the form of general shit-disturbing, rewriting gender policy, and creating avenues for Indigenous health initiatives and cultural education. I relish embodied magic, gritty transformational work, and a good old-fashioned belly laugh. Much of my Work focuses on recognizing our human Divinity. I am truly honoured to be able to return to you wonderful EarthSongers in this capacity.

Susanne Rae

I am excited to be teaching at EarthSong in 2017 and exploring the wisdoms Horus has for us as a community.

I bring to this WitchCamp teaching many years of living on this planet. I bring experience working with the Goddesses Isis ,Ishtar, Demeter, Hecate , the Norns and nature spirits , all who have taught me about the preciousness and beauty of life . I bring a love of both astrology and astronomy, of watching a spider spin her web, of dancing wildly in the night and of being silent. I offer wisdoms learned through working with the dying and others through the transitions of birth and adolescence.

My spiritual practice is deeply rooted in my understanding, love and connection with the earth and her cycles. I feel most at home in deserts, forests, rivers, and other wild places including my garden.

As a mother, grandmother, artist, activist, gardener, traveler, one time, midwife, academic, bureaucrat and high school art teacher, I find pragmatic magic is woven insuperably through and around my everyday life. So, my friendships, connections with my children, artmaking, teaching, activism, knitting, gardening, healing, building labyrinths and trips to the supermarket all offer opportunities to explore the mysteries and priestess for the earth.

As an active member of the Greater Sydney Reclaiming group I regularly teach and co-create festival celebrations in my home community that is Dharawal Country, Campbelltown South Western Sydney. When not helping organise CloudCatcher WitchCamp supporting local political actions, and assisting elderly family members, I teach Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation courses, facilitate events and groups at the Meditation Spacein Campbelltown.


My name is Jack and I hail from South-East Queensland. I am a wandmaker, earth child, dreamer and seeker of the timeless magic, and I live in wonderment of the patience and ongoing re-creation of nature in the face of adversity.

In my life I garden tenderly, watch the moon wistfully, whittle magickal wands earnestly, write rhyming poetry cheekily and love to sing and dance joyfully (and to use adverbs liberally!). I am a teacher and hope to engender love and care for the earth, care and compassion for humankind, and a grounded and nourishing appreciation of self in my students.

I love to bring whimsy and sparkle to magical processes, and to listen deeply to the stillness underneath the sparkle where deep transformation lays. I strive to find ways to engage magick everyday, and a soft breeze in the stillness, the gentle sway of a leafy canopy, or a cheeky rainbow brings a smile to my face and and a song to my heart. Attending my first WitchCamp in 2013 I knew that I had found my community and a tradition which aligned with my values. I look forward to many more WitchCamps and opportunities to connect with community, engendering hope and wonderment for the future. I am thrilled to be teaching at EarthSong for the first time.

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