We are excited to present the teaching team for EarthSong 2018!

Dawn Isidora

I was lucky enough to find Reclaiming in the early 80s while still living in my hometown of San Francisco. I began teaching in the Reclaiming Tradition in the mid 90s, after moving to Portland, Oregon.
Among the many aspects of magic I engage with or teach, I have an abiding passion for the Reclaiming core classes: diving again and again into the mysteries of the five sacred Elements of life and magic, the ever unfolding layers of the Pentacles, both Iron and Pearl, the exploration of trance, dream and myth in Rites of Passage and culture shifting toolset of our Community Skills course. As well as facilitating workshops and camps at home and abroad, I work with individuals and groups as a Spiritual Mentor to support folks along their personal spiritual journeys. I have found that each individual has their own balance and blueprint of the Elements and how they present in them in this life time; it is my honor to offer support and guidance in exploring these blueprints.

I have met Maha Kali many times in my travels within and without. When I was following my genetic roots and studying tribal MiddleEastern and Romani dance, She came to me as Sara e Kali - Sarah the Black - St. Sarah - of the Romani peoples.  At the time when the father of my children and I were divorcing, She came to me and showed me how to wield Her sword to cut the cords and vows that had been forged to bind us together for this lifetime. Years ago, when I turned fifty, my dear friend (and long ago Reclaiming initiator), placed a statue of Maha Kali in my hands and told me it was now time for me to work with Her with renewed focus - and so I have. Slowly, with respect, care, circumspection and devotion I have been building this relationship. This past year, Kali has been a tremendous help as I’ve struggled with my ‘feminist rage’  - She seems to just eat these more difficult emotions like popcorn! Jai Kali! 

I am thrilled and honored to be able to return again to EarthSong. I am so looking ford to continuing this journey with old friends and new. The beauty and roots of this community and this land have grown deep into my soul!



  I make my home north of San Francisco among the rolling hills of Marin County. I’m proof positive that magic can happen anywhere, I met my first Reclaiming Witch in 1989 at traffic court while reading Dreaming the Dark. Walked out of there with no fine and a flyer. I took my first Reclaiming class in 1991 and was invited to student teach in the San Francisco Bay Area Community in 1993. Since then I’ve done most everything from schlepping to bookkeeping to ritual planning, teaching, founding cells, and general rabble rousing. I am regularly awed and grateful to have received so many opportunities from this community. My life is richer for having walked this path.
The heavy weights of the Godds are not new or rare to me. We hang. We know each other on the road. We tip our hats in respect, take up the dance when its offered or needed. I first met Kali in the early 90’s as a friend went off to India and we invoked Her in a protection ritual, the way novice Witches do. Sometime after a Reclaiming teacher of mine invited me to a local Kali Puja (ceremony) where I discovered Hindu chanting. Its been like that. She invites me in. She shows me ceremonies of light. She tells me not to worry, all things have an end. I bow and give thanks. I bow and give thanks. I bow and give thanks.



Fio Aengus Santika

Born in Bali, raised in Queensland, a pretty serious traveller for a decade now, I am a spirit-worker, sorcerer, practising and professional cunning person and witch, author of books (under Gede Parma), and a dedicated and passionate teacher of the Craft. I have been practising and teaching Reclaiming Tradition witchcraft for the past 8 years, and have spent nearly two decades working magic as a witch; I have been initiated into three traditions of witchcraft and am an eternal student of the mysteries of initiation. My father is an adherent of Agama Hindu Bali, a syncretised tradition woven into and from every corner of Balinese life and death on the island, and through this tradition I discovered Durga and Kali Maa. I formally became a devotee of Goddess Kali in 2012 after the break-up of my marriage. 

Currently I reside in the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, in what British settlers/invaders named Melbourne. From an oak-guarded and vine-wrapped house in a traditionally privileged and upper-class suburb I help to facilitate ecstatic ritual, I read the cards and talk to peoples' spirits and beloved dead, cast spells, and teach magic, ritual, witchcraft, and pagan folk customs. I adore the WitchCamp beast and I consider it a numerological boon that this will be the 10th camp I have taught at, one for every arm of Mahakali. Alongside a familial and cultural connection to the Hindu pantheon of deities, I am deeply embedded in the magic and mysteries of the Witches' Gods I know as the Wildwood Sacred Four; Persephone; Aphrodite; Hekate; Hermes; and several saints, including St. Brigid, St. Michael, and St. Anne. Working with certain Fae and Angelic spirits and mysteries is also core to my Craft. 

Once again, I am so deeply honoured and excited to serve and celebrate at EarthSong WitchCamp in the capacity of teacher and devotee to the Great Goddess, Maha Devi. 




  I was born on the lands of the Kulin nation- Wurrundjeri country, Melbourne, and have returned to live, play and experience magic here. I would like to pay my respects to the Elders past, present and emerging who have cared for, and continue to care for, this country both physically and spiritually.

I have participated in Reclaiming-style witchcraft for over 20 years and served this community by planning and priestessing at Reclaiming public rituals. I was an original organiser and teacher at the first Australian Witchcamp and have taught in the Reclaiming Tradition since, teaching both core-classes and at witchcamps. It brings me great joy to see how we have co-created community together through EarthSong Witchcamp.

I am a student of mysteries, a lover of ecstatic ritual and mytho–poetic explorations into the deep psyche. Earth-based shamanic witchcraft and old ways magic, excite me. I am a teacher, a gardener, an activist, an astrologer and a mother. I believe magic is best when embodied, so you will find me with my hands in the soil, or my body on the dance floor.

Maha Kali came to me many years ago through Hindu devotional chanting (Kirtan) and ritual ceremony (Puja). She has been on the periphery of my psyche since. There are times Maha Kalii has called me to serve by speaking out at injustice and there are times She has aided me in destroying my demons, so that I could heal myself. It was Maha Kali who called me to EarthSong this year and I am grateful and in awe of the Great Goddess. I feel blessed to be of service to both Her and the EarthSong community. 




I was born on the banks of the Gwydir River, the wide-open spaces of north western NSW sing in my soul. Kamiliroy country: Cypress pine and sheep, sapphire skies. Now I live in Campbelltown, between the two mighty rivers: Georges and Nepean on the SW edge of the sprawling city of Sydney; Darawal country. There I teach Yoga and Meditation and work labyrinth magic with the community.

 A Priestess of the Earth, gardener, healer, teacher, mother, traveller, activist and friend, I have been active in Reclaiming for 4 years. Teaching in community, witchcamps and organising. I love magic, I love witchcamps I love reclaiming community: the will and power to change, grow, hold and love this earth. I love magical activism and the search to find the oppressor inside.

 I remember first meeting Kali Ma in the late 1980s with my first coven.   In Nepal she came to me as a puppet and in blood spilling sacrifices. In her Temple in Calcutta I played cards with the temple children.  At Mt Abu, in Durga’s vulva shaped temple I performed ritual and reached out into the world. I emerged to dance and transform with love from that day: this intention is the backdrop of my life.  I have learned love of many forms, of transformation full of fear and fearlessness. For many years we have danced the dances of rage and transformation . I have worked with Kali Ma though my yogi and Buddhist practises. She has been my guide and challenger, support and solace . Her wild heart dances in me. Her rage empowers me.  She is known and yet remains mysterious.

I am humbled to return to EarthSong AND to dance again with my sister community with Kali Ma. My heart sings!



Tracey Cathcart


   I was born and raised in the north of NZ. I wandered for ten years before I finally settled in Melbourne     and raised my children.  I live on the lands of the Wurrundjeri people of the Kulin nation.

I discovered that I was a witch twenty five years ago and came to Reclaiming ten years ago when I joined She Oaks coven.  I have witnessed the birth of Witchcamps in Australia and watched the community growing and developing, and I love this community dearly. I taught my first core class in 2015.   This is the second Earthsong that I have taught at.

I have an active relationship with deity and spirits, particularly Persephone, Aphrodite and Hekate and others come and go as they will (sometimes quietly and sometimes not so quietly), some fey and other spirit beings. Kali has hung around the edges and I have been very aware of her with awe and slight fear. When this camp came up, she gave me a push and a shove and told me it was time!

I feel extremely honoured to be teaching at this camp, and with Kali xx 



Kate Ash


I am Wildwood Priestess and Reclaiming witch and teacher. I live on Yugembah land, at the foot of the holy mountain of Cloudcatcher. My witchcraft springs from living relationships with place and dirt and blood and bone. I love sorcery and the dynamics of shifting energy, love stories and storytelling as a gateway drug into deeper layers of self and shadow, and my most recent work centres on learning the skills of tending and facilitating community.

I have been a witch since shortly after the earth cooled down and dinosaurs appeared, and I’ve been a Reclaiming-aligned witch since 2011 and the first ARC camp in Victoria, Australia. I had my student teaching debut at EarthSong in 2012 and it’s been an unfolding love story ever since. This year is my (wildly extended: time is an illusion)  second year of student teaching and it feels good to be coming back to EarthSong—this year, this team, this story, this Goddess, all in alignment.

Kali Maa is a Goddess and teacher that I come to with fascination, delight and trembling, and with great humbleness: as I am still learning with Her, still beginning, still being initiated into Her presence. This last year has been one of deepening study and prayer and work with Her, learning from Her about fierce love, about righteous fury, madness and clarity, about Kali Maa as a force for purification and the destruction of all limitations and lies. I’m terrified and thrilled and so turned right on to have the opportunity to deepen further still into this transformative work with the Black Mother.




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